Menu a ‘la Carte’

Russian crab’ salad

Avocato salad with lobster

Artichoke hears with ham

‘Tudela’ thistles grilled with foie

Fish and meat filled peppers

Clam with white wine mushrooms and ham

Polle duck foie with ‘Calvados’

Rice with rabbit and snails

Rice cauldron with shell fish

Rice stew with lobster ( min. 2 persons )

Fish and meat paella ( Valencian traditional paella )

Gandia vermicelli ( min. 2 persons )

Vermicelli casserole with shell-fish ( min. 2 persons )

Truffle stuffed rolls ( min. 2 persons )

Pil-pil style codfish

Sole fillets with orange sauce

Lemon pickled sea bass

Salted sea bass or dorada

Monkfish rosemary

Monkfish casserole with praws

Turbot casserole with potatoes and clams

Oven grilled kid

Sirloin with cabrales cheese sauce

‘Chagurro’ ( Atlantic fish ) crêpes au gratin

‘Turban’ of sole with salmon in cava