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The most traditional dishes of Mediterranean cuisine.

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Tapas Marineras with the most genuine and fresh ingredients of Barcelonés.

La Canasta
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Years of History & knowledge

La Canasta is an emblematic Restaurant of the Barcelonés with 40 years of existence, and recognized prestige in traditional seafood, Mediterranean cuisine and traditional Spanish “cocina de cuchara’ (old recipes)

La Canasta is celebrating 40 years since it opened its doors in 1976, creating a trail of awards and recognition for its tireless work recovering the best and most traditional recipes from sea and land, and the finest Catalan and Spanish dishes.

La Canasta is one of the few remaining prestigious restaurants located in the Barcelonés region, providing diners with an opportunity to taste the most famous and traditional dishes of Mediterranean cuisine.

Throughout its 40 years of history La Canasta has remained faithful to its style, giving the upmost respect to each one of its legendary recipes.

A visit to ´La Canasta´ means discovering the true Mediterranean cooking style and the true local cuisine. The traditional dishes from the “Sea and Earth”, known famously as the “de cuchara ” (classic dishes from the most traditional Spanish kitchen)… the true cuisine that everyone should know and taste, a wonderful legacy protected and offered with care for years to come.